12 April 2024: 1-Day Workshop [Completed]



3 Day Basic Abdominal Ultrasound Course  Completed

January 26-28th 2022Register here. 

This course is tailored for any veterinarian willing to become confident in performing a full and thorough abdominal ultrasound in small animals.

Learn how to scan all abdominal organs consistently and efficiently. Recognise normal from abnormal ultrasonographic images.

This course includes both theory and a lot of practical scanning for all attendees to be confident scanning abdomens independently thereafter.

This course will be followed by Intermediate and Advanced Course in 2022/2023.




*Up to 90% funding available (Terms & Conditions apply)

*SkillsFuture Credit applicable

*Participants should bring a dog for the course



March 18-20th 2020 3 Day Basic Echocardiography Course  Completed



November 9-11th 2020 3 Day Basic Abdominal Ultrasound Course  Completed

November 12th 2020:  1 Day Basic Echocardiography Practical Workshop - Completed

This practical workshop is a refresher to revise all concepts learnt in the Skills Certificate in Small Animal Echocardiography Basic course.

Gets lots of practice to hone your skills and complete a skills assessment in the end.

(If you had not completed the Skills Certificate course with us at Temasek Polytechnic, it is a pre-requisite to state your experience or submit your training certificate in a similar Basic Echocardiography course to join this Practical only session.)