For Referring Veterinarians:

  1. Contact us for your booking appointment.
  2. We will make every effort to serve you on the earliest appointment. On admission of the patient, consent forms should be signed and kept for our team to collect on arrival.
  3. The examination usually takes approximately 30 minutes. Pet owners are strongly encouraged to drop off their pet and return when the procedure is over. Delays can happen depending upon exam findings and the need for ultrasound guided procedures.
  4. Patient should be fasted before a full abdominal ultrasound for 12 hours ideally. Water is fine. Fasting is also desired in case the patient requires sedation.
  5. In most cases, sedation is not required but do standby a protocol and doses in case needed. In many abdominal cases, the greatest diagnostic yield will come when the patient is completely relaxed.
  6. The patient should be admitted and ideally clipped prior to our arrival.
  7. At least one nurse/technician present to help position, restrain and comfort the patient.
  8. We also ask that the attending staff provide us with a brief verbal medical history upon our arrival.
  9. Examination should be performed in a dimly lit room with sufficient area for the patient and machine.
  10. Please have the patient shaved/clipped before the ultrasonographer arrives. This will make the process more efficient and allow more time for diagnostics.
  11. At the end of the sonographic examination, our doctor will provide verbal report on all Ultrasonographic findings.
  12. A comprehensive written report will be emailed to the clinic within maximum 2 days.
  13. Consultation with a radiologist, cardiologist or ECG case review are also available upon request.