Our clinic had Dr Myriam over for an afternoon session of interactive in-house ultrasound training. All of us had an enjoyable learning experience with her. We definitely benefited from her expertise and guidance. She was very detailed and patient to teach. Her lesson plan is easy to follow and we all came away from the session feeling more confident with using the ultrasound.

The Veterinary Clinic

Dr Joanne Ho

The course was helpful for our vets. Dr Myriam was able to answer all our questions and explained them well. There was lots of time for hands-on training and we can bring in our patients that exposed us to a variety of challenges when scanning.

Stars Veterinary Clinic

Dr Chang Siew Yee

We have had two sessions with Dr Myriam and have found her to be systematic, thorough and easy- going teacher. She made the lessons fun with her great sense of humour and ability to connect with us all, be it the vet or vet tech that attended. She is able to handle a big group of us quite efficiently and after her initial demonstration, she allows for a lot of hands- on sessions by splitting us into smaller groups. Her dedication and enthusiasm for the job is contagious and that is priceless.

Vets for Life Animal Clinic

Dr Girisha Lakhiani

I am very impressed by Dr Jansen's professionalism and good technical skills for operating different ultrasound machines that can be very complex. His hand-eye coordination, ability to get very clear and usable images, while moving the probe on the patient, and explanation to me on what is corresponding on the screen is very impressive. This is especially tricky as most of the patients that we are dealing with are not sedated and moving. He has been most helpful in sharing his knowledge and guiding me right from the basics. His ability to explain complex theories in very easy to comprehend terms has boosted my confidence in dealing with my own patients in house. I can sense his strong passion for ultrasonography and it has really inspired me to pursue this specialisation further and be someone like him. Dr Jansen's kind and gentle composure in handling even the most difficult patients has left a deep impression in me

My Family Vet

Dr Vanessa