Dr Jansen Ng graduated in 2011 from University of Melbourne, and since then, has been working in small animal clinical practice. Currently, he is working in a busy 24 hour emergency clinic as one of the senior veterinarians.

Always striving to learn new technique and skills, he has attended multiple courses to continually improve his knowledge, gain new insights and also keep himself updated in the veterinary world.

Developing a keen interest in diagnostic ultrasonography, Jansen did a diagnostic imaging elective in his final year in vet school, then grew his ultrasound experience and skills with the help of several mentors. He has been performing abdominal ultrasounds in dogs and cats since 2012, and has been providing referral abdominal ultrasound services since 2014.

Pursuing his strong interest in diagnostic ultrasonography, he started studying and practising his echocardiography  skills in the last couple of years. Dr Jansen is currently finalising his Echo training and is looking forward to also be providing full Echocardiogram studies with SVI soon.

His other interests in the veterinary field are in minimally invasive procedures, soft tissue surgeries and oncology. Jansen has incorporated all his knowledge and skills into his daily work and consults, and to provide the best he can for all patients.

On his days off from the clinic, Jansen likes to spend time with his family, and enjoys outdoor activities (eg: sports, running, cycling etc).